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We are a collaborative research initiative aiming to improve the understanding, diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease through the utilisation of ß-amyloid PET imaging.

The Amyloid imaging to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AMYPAD) initiative aims to:

Homepage Image Neuraceq™ (left) and Vizamyl™ (right). Upper images: amyloid negative scans. Lower images: amyloid positive scans.
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One year of AMYPAD: achievements and excitement for the next year
One year of AMYPAD: achievements and excitement for the next year 27 Nov 2017 The AMYPAD project is very ambitious in its goals and sheer size in terms of numbers of amyloid PET scans, and it could not be......
Interview with Lisa Ford
Interview with Lisa Ford 27 Nov 2017 In October, 2017, I recently joined as co leader WP4  – Risk stratification: Natural history and enrichment strategies.......
Interview with Juan Domingo Gispert
Interview with Juan Domingo Gispert 27 Nov 2017 I am co-leading the Work package 2 with Chris Foley from General Electric. We tackle all the technical and logistical operations to support the realization of ......
"At this moment, there is a massive effort to better understand the natural history of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), as well to improve its management. These efforts wish to increase the chances of success for future clinical trials by allowing them to target populations at the early stages of the disease, when the damage could still be reversed. AMYPAD comes to provide valuable insight on a fundamental piece of the AD puzzle: the accumulation of β-amyloid plaques. We will be doing so by determining the role and value of amyloid imaging in disease diagnosis, prognosis, and potential for treatment monitoring - which will be a crucial step forward in the global fight against AD.” Frederik Barkhof
Frederik Barkhof

AMYPAD Project Coordinator and Professor of Neuroradiology at VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam and at University College London.