AMYPAD features at EANM Focus 2 meeting

The second EANM Focus meeting was held on January 31 – February 2 in Cannes (France) under the theme “Neuroimaging: Molecular Imaging of Dementia – The Future is Here”.

The aim of the meeting was to provide an in-depth overview and critical assessment of the latest development and future directions in the management of dementia, with a focus on the role of neuroimaging in general and nuclear medicine in particular.

A multidisciplinary group of experts and opinion leaders from all over the world presented state-of-the-art lectures and participated in consensus panels. We were pleased that five AMYPAD members were part of the 28 panelists (Alexander Drzezga from UKK, Giovanni Frisoni from UNIGE, Philip Scheltens from VUmc, Agneta Nordberg from KI and Frederik Barkhof from VUmc).

Our project coordinator Frederik Barkhof gave an oral presentation about AMYPAD and other European initiatives. He highlighted how AMYPAD can help providing answers to the value of amyloid PET in clinic and in the context of preventive trials. We were thrilled to also see AMYPAD mentioned by Giovanni Frisoni and Alexander Drzezga during their respective talks.

The EANM Focus 2 meeting has been a great success. We hope to see you all at the EANM’19 congress on 12-16 October in Barcelona (Spain). Save the date!

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AMYPAD features at EANM Focus 2 meeting
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