AMYPAD features prominently at #AAIC23

The 2023 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) took place from 16th July to 20th July as a hybrid event (online and in Amsterdam, Netherlands). This year, the conference attracted over 11,000 attendees. Please visit the AAIC 2023 website to learn more about the research findings and discoveries that were shared by researchers from around the globe.

AAIC is the world’s largest meeting dedicated to advancing dementia science. Each year, AAIC convenes researchers, clinicians and dementia professionals from all career stages to share breaking research discoveries that will lead to methods of prevention and treatment and improvements in diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease. From basic science to dementia care, every aspect of the field’s growing knowledge of dementia is incorporated into this world-class conference.

We were pleased that AMYPAD had the opportunity to hold a Featured Research Session. These sessions debut and discuss innovative and impactful research findings, drawing together multiple studies that share a common focus. The session entitled “Towards clinical implementation of Centiloid quantification: Lessons learned from the AMYPAD consortium” was chaired by Christopher Buckley (GE Healthcare) and Juan Domingo Gispert (BBRC) and consisted of four oral presentations:

  • Mahnaz Shekari (BBRC): “Evaluating the sensitivity of Centiloid quantification to pipeline design and image harmonization“
  • Ariane Bollack (UCL): “A Centiloid cut-off to help predict true amyloid accumulation”
  • Lyduine E. Collij (VUmc): “Quantification supports visual assessment of challenging amyloid–PET images”
  • Lisa Quenon (UC Louvain): “Evaluating the global cortical Centiloid value for predicting functional decline“

Moreover, our AMYPAD Featured Research Session got assigned a “Clinical Pearl Session”. The session was very rich and productive.

In addition to the Featured Research Session, the AMYPAD team presented several posters on different aspects of the project. If you have missed the event, do not hesitate to download the AMYPAD posters on our website here.

  • Melina Regy: “The association between abeta aggregation and age depends on APOE genotype: findings from the AMYPAD cohort”, Sunday 16th July to Wednesday 19th July
  • Marianna Rizzo: “Prediction of longitudinal cortical amyloid deposition based on cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease in cognitively unimpaired individuals: the role of APOE-ε4”, Sunday 16th July (P1-306)
  • Philip Zeyen: “AMYPAD: Correlation of amyloid-PET results with anxiety and depressive symptoms in SCD+, MCI, and dementia patients”, Monday 17th July (P2-487)
  • Leonard Pieperhoff: “Amyloid predicts longitudinal atrophy in non-demented individuals: Results from the AMYPAD Prognostic & Natural History study”, Monday 17th July (P2-918)
  • Emma Luckett/Lyduine Collij: “Differential associations between regional amyloid PET and Alzheimer’s disease polygenic risk scores”, Tuesday 18th July (P3-003)
  • Fiona Heeman: “Comparing parametric methods for longitudinal measurement of β-amyloid pathology with PET in elderly individuals”, Tuesday 18th July (P3-415)
  • Luigi Lorenzini: “APOE-dependent and -independent polygenic pathways determining early AD pathological change in CSF and MRI”, Tuesday 18th July (P3-002)
  • Sophie Mastenbroek: “Biological and methodological factors underlying a continuous amyloid CSF/PET imbalance model and its association with longitudinal cognition”, Wednesday July 19th (P4-334)
  • David Vallez Garcia: “Amyloid-PET Centiloid quantification predicts cognitive functioning in a pre-dementia population: findings from AMYPAD PNHS”, Wednesday 19th July (P4-383).

AMYPAD was also well-represented at the Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium (AIC), a preconference to AAIC, focusing on the frontiers of neuroimaging of Alzheimer’s and other dementia, held on Saturday 15th July.

The AMYPAD presentations at #AAIC23 highlighted the power of data sharing. We are proud to partner with Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative (ADDI) to help further our understanding of the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease to accelerate scientific progress. Data from our Prognostic Study are now available to the research community through the #ADWorkbench, which is an open, global and free cloud-based platform for scientists to accelerate discoveries and innovations for AD and related dementias.

Save the date for the next Alzheimer’s Association International Conference to be held from 28th July to 1st August 2024 in Philadelphia (US) and online.

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AMYPAD features prominently at #AAIC23
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