AMYPAD has been featured in the CORDIS "Results in Brief" section

We are pleased that our AMYPAD project has been selected for publication in the “Results in Brief” section of the European Commission’s CORDIS website.

This article includes information on our key aims and the most important results that emanated from the AMYPAD project.

The AMYPAD project was a joint collaboration between academic and industrial partners. The importance of this collaborative work is highlighted in the article.

“We have had a very fruitful partnership between the industry and academic partners and we are very proud that both of these large clinical studies were completed within the project timeframe and are now yielding results that could directly impact patients in the clinic,” says Gill Farrar, EFPIA lead for the project.

Additionally, the article includes further information on the next steps for AMYPAD as the project is now officially over.

“We are finalising procedures to further unlock the wealth of the data we generated. We hope that the AMYPAD data will be a significant asset to worldwide research in the dementia field.”, says Frederik Barkhof, AMYPAD project coordinator.

You can read the article published on the CORDIS website here:

AMYPAD has been featured in the CORDIS
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