AMYPAD presents at ECCN 2020

The 9th European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging, which took place from 2 to 3 March in Paris (France), brought together physicians and researchers of all imaging modalities (PET, MRI, SPECT). This year, the main topics covered neuro-oncology, tau and amyloid imaging, dopaminergic imaging for neurodegenerative diseases and PET/MR imaging. The program included almost 50 oral communications of speakers coming from various European countries. For more information on the conference please visit:

Isadora Lopes Alves (VUmc) gave an oral presentation titled “Amyloid PET imaging earlier etiological diagnosis and individual risk profiling”. She started by introducing the two main studies of the AMYPAD project. She also presented the progress being done by the project partners and shared the first findings of the project.

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AMYPAD presents at ECCN 2020
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