AMYPAD presents at the 13th Human Amyloid Imaging Conference

On 16-18 January, several members of the AMYPAD project attended the 13th Human Amyloid Imaging (HAI) conference in Miami, Florida. The event was organised by Keith A. Johnson (Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, US), Bill Klunk (University of Pittsburgh, US), Chet Mathis (University of Pittsburgh, US) and Bill Jagust (University of California, Berkeley, US).

The event gathered together more than 400 attendees and displayed 155 poster presentations in 5 sessions. In addition, the conference included three great keynote presentations:

  • Richard Carson (Yale University, US) – “Quantitative Brain PET: Is SUVR the best we can do?”
  • Michel Goedert (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK) – “Conformers of Assembled Tau”
  • John Trojanowski (University of Pennsylvania, US) – “Tau strains and spreading in pure tauopathies and Alzheimer’s disease”

The recordings of these keynotes lectures are available here.

Four AMYPAD members presented different aspects of the project:

  • Isadora Lopes Alves (VUmc) – “Cross-method identification of earliest regions to display amyloid burden” (Oral presentation)
  • Fiona Heeman (VUmc) – “Effect of blood flow changes on quantification of [18F]flutemetamol studies” (Poster presentation)
  • Lyduine Collij (VUmc) – “Staging cortical amyloid deposition using PET imaging” (Poster presentation)
  • Arianna Sala (KI) – “Longitudinal investigation of concordant and discordant amyloid CSF/PET biomarkers” (Poster presentation). 

These presentations generated a great deal of interest from attendees. If you have missed the event, do not hesitate to download the two AMYPAD posters presented on our website here.

To access the conference website, please visit the conference’s website here.


AMYPAD presents at the 13th Human Amyloid Imaging Conference
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