AMYPAD presents at the 31st annual EANM congress

The 31st Annual EANM congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine took place this year in Düsseldorf, Germany from 13 to 17 October. It is a world-reference congress in nuclear medicine gathering clinical scientists, technologists, physicians, industry representatives and researchers. Each year, the EANM annual congress has more than 150 sessions with more than 6,200 participants.

On 14 October, our project coordinator Frederik Barkhof (VU university medical center) gave a plenary lecture in the main opening session entitled “AMYPAD: A randomized Clinical Trial to Validate the Impact of Amyloid PET”. This talk was preceded by a clinical introduction on the role of markers of pathology by Bruno Dubois and followed by a lecture of Victor Villemange about Tau PET imaging. It was a great opportunity to showcase the AMYPAD project.

In addition, Isadora Lopes Alves (VU university medical center) was one of the guest speaker at the 3rd Flutemetamol User Group Meeting organised by GE Healthcare at EANM. She talked about regional amyloid staging in AMYPAD. The general topic of this informal scientific meeting for Flutemetamol users was around the staging of PET amyloid deposition and allowed attendees to discuss and exchange information in the field of amyloid PET imaging.

We were thrilled to also see AMYPAD mentioned by Alexander Drzezga (University of Cologne) during his lecture on future trends in nuclear medicine imaging in dementia.

We had an excellent time interacting with friends and colleagues from all over the world, discussing science and learning about the exciting developments in the field of nuclear medicine. We look forward to continuing the conversations at next year’s EANM in Barcelona (October 12–16, 2019). Save the date!

AMYPAD presents at the 31st annual EANM congress
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