AMYPAD researchers present project progress at AAIC2019

The 2019 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) was held in Los Angeles (US) from 14-18 July. This largest international meeting dedicated to advancing dementia science gathered nearly 6,000 leaders in basic science and clinical researchers, next generation investigators, clinicians and the care research community. New and interesting research was presented at this year’s conference, please visit the AAIC 2019 website to learn more about the research findings and discoveries that were shared by researchers from around the globe.

AAIC was the opportunity to present some of the latest advances in the project. José Luis Molinuevo (Barcelona Beta Brain Research Center) presented both the EPAD and AMYPAD projects at the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) meeting preceding the AAIC event. The AMYPAD team made a number of poster presentations at the conference on different aspects of the project:

  • “Voxel-Based Amyloid PET Staging for the Whole Alzheimer’s Disease Continuum”, poster presentation by Gemma Salvadó (Barcelona Beta Brain Research Center)

  • “Hippocampal Intrinsic Connectivity Supports Cognitive Reserve in Amyloid-Positive Cognitively Normal Subjects and Alzheimer’s Disease Patients”, poster presentation by Merle Hoenig (University of Cologne)

  • “AMYPAD-DPMS Preliminary Results: Participants’ Baseline Features”, poster presentation by Daniele Altomare (University of Geneva)

  • “The Added Value of Quantitative Amyloid PET in Determining Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Dementia Risk: The Amypad Prognostic and Natural History Study”, poster presentation by Gill Farrar (GE Healthcare Life Sciences)

  • “Longitudinal investigation of concordant and discordant amyloid CSF/PET biomarkers reveals CSF-first and PET-first pathways of amyloid accumulation”, poster presentation by Arianna Sala (KI).

All the AMYPAD presentations generated a great deal of interest from researchers outside the project. If you have missed the event, do not hesitate to download the four AMYPAD posters presented on our website here.

We look forward to the next AAIC event, which is set to be held in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on 26-30 July 2020. Save the date and mark your calendars for another great conference to network and discuss the latest dementia study results.

AMYPAD researchers present project progress at AAIC2019
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