Closing AMYPAD article published in the AE magazine

On 17 October, Alzheimer Europe has published the 40th edition of its Dementia in Europe magazine, filled with interesting updates on European and national policy developments in the dementia field, as well as European research projects and other research news. Interviews with people at the forefront of care, research, policy and advocacy, and articles about some of the issues currently faced by people living with dementia in Europe are also included.

We are pleased that the magazine includes a closing article on the AMYPAD project in which Alzheimer Europe has been involved in. Our co-leads Frederik Barkhof and Gill Farrar have been interviewed and they both reflected on the achievements of the project.

You can download the magazine, here:

This edition has been published both electronically and in paper format, and its launch coincided with the first day of the 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference, taking place in Bucharest.

Closing AMYPAD article published in the AE magazine
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