Interview with Ifrah Iidow

What is your current role on AMYPAD?

I have joined the AMYPAD team in December 2018 and prior to this I was based in Queen Square in London for 8 years working in clinical trials. Now based in Amsterdam, my role in AMYPAD is working as a Clinical Trial Manager on the Prognostic study. In my capacity as a Sponsor representative, I am involved in the set up and activation of sites across Europe in order for them to join AMYPAD. Once active, I work closely with these sites to provide support in all aspects of site activity and to maintain Sponsor oversight.

What is your overall vision?

I share the same vision as many others working on AMYPAD and that is for the study to be a success. The goal is to make data available to researchers who will work on providing more insight into the disease and its progression. My involvement is to activate sites so we can meet the recruitment target and include as many participants as possible into AMYPAD. 

What do you find most challenging about the project?

AMYPAD is huge! This has been my biggest challenge so far; understanding the project, the partners and the sites have been a steep learning curve for me but one I have enjoyed.

Interview with Ifrah Iidow
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