Interview with Ingrid van Maurik

What is your current role on AMYPAD?
I joined the AMYPAD project in July 2019 as a postdoctoral researcher at the Amsterdam UMC. Within AMYPAD I will work on the Diagnostic and Patient Management Study (DPMS) and assist Prof. Hans Berkhof.

What is your overall vision?
A timely diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is key for research and care-planning. Biomarkers, such as amyloid-PET, become increasingly important for such an early and accurate diagnosis. During my PhD, I’ve worked on the ABIDE project which had the overall goal to translate available knowledge on biomarkers, including amyloid PET, to daily practice. To that end, I’ve worked under supervision of Prof. Hans Berkhof to develop individualized, biomarker-based prognostic models for patients wild mild cognitive impairment (MCI). I’m very happy to continue this collaboration and work on cost-effectiveness evaluations within the prestigious AMYPAD project.

What do you find most challenging about the project?
Getting myself up to speed with a project that is already well on its way, with so many collaborators. Nonetheless, I’m very much looking forward to work on AMYPAD, seeing the data come in and to get to know everybody!  

Interview with Ingrid van Maurik
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