Lyduine Collij and Gemma Salvadó win Junior Faculty Award

Lyduine Collij, PhD student at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc, Netherlands), and Gemma Salvadó, PhD student at Barcelona Beta Brain Research Center (BBRC, Spain) have been awarded the Junior Faculty Award from the organizing committee of the 15th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases.

The organizing committee of AD/PD™ 2021 has recognized the top junior and trainee abstract presenters with Junior Faculty Awards. Eligible candidates for the Junior Faculty Awards were graduate students (PhD, MD) or junior scientists up to five years after the doctorate degree (PhD, MD).

​Lyduine and Gemma received this award for their work entitled ‘’Visual assessment of [18F]flutemetamol PET images can detect early amyloid pathology and grade its extent”. This work was conducted within the AMYPAD project. Gemma will be presenting this work during the AD/PD™ conference on 12th March 2021. The paper has recently been published in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, you can find the full results here.

Congratulations Lyduine, Gemma and all AMYPAD members who have collaborated in this work! Well-deserved!


“What is better than wining an award? Doing it with a friend!

Last December, we received the Junior Faculty Awards for our collaborative work on visual read and Centiloid quantification of [18F]flutemetamol PET images. Lyduine visually assessed over 300 ALFA+ scans during her visit to the BBRC in October 2019. In meantime Gemma was busy with processing all the shared VUmc scans. By combining data, knowledge and efforts from three AMYPAD partners (VUmc, BBRC, and GE Healthcare) we showed that visual assessment can detect early amyloid pathology and grade its extent. We would like to thank in particular Juan Domingo Gispert, Chris Buckley and Bart van Berckel for their support in this work!”, said Lyduine and Gemma.



Lyduine Collij and Gemma Salvadó win Junior Faculty Award
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