New AMYPAD paper highlighting European collaboration with global impact is out

A new paper entitled “The Amyloid Imaging for the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium: A European collaboration with a global impact” has been published in a Special Issue of the Frontiers in Neurology journal.

In this article, partners of the AMYPAD project highlighted the important collaborations necessary to make AMYPAD a successful consortium, to reach not only the scientific community but also engage society at large, and illustrate how these endeavours ensured the value of the consortium during and after the funding period.

AMYPAD aimed to optimise the use of amyloid-PET in both clinical and research settings. Also, collaborators had a strong desire to develop a robust analytical methodology to ensure that measures of the amyloid burden by PET are both accurate and consistent across different centres and multiple tracers. To these ends, two trials were set-up: the Diagnostic and Patient Management study (DPMS) including a memory clinic population; and the Prognostic and Natural History Study (PNHS), focused on a pre-dementia and mainly pre-clinical population.

The AMYPAD consortium has made a strong contribution to the Alzheimer’s disease field. A legacy of over 3500 amyloid PET scans covering the entire Alzheimer’s disease continuum has been collected across the two AMYPAD clinical studies.  Efforts are currently ongoing to harmonise, integrate, and curate all available clinical data from the PNHS, which will become openly accessible to the wider scientific community.

Congratulations to all authors!

You can download the article here:


New AMYPAD paper highlighting European collaboration with global impact is out
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