The AMYPAD project has been extended for an additional year

Originally scheduled to be a 60-month project in total, beginning October 2016 and ending September 2021, the Amyloid imaging to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AMYPAD) project has been extended by 12 months to now come to an end in September 2022. We are pleased that the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has officially approved our request for an extension to the project in order to ensure the full delivery of the project objectives, within the original financial resources. This extension will allow to complete delivery of the work plan, by specifically finalising tasks and activities which are essential to address key project objectives. Due to the global COVID-related events, some of these have suffered considerable delays, which would not be recoverable within the initial duration of the project.

COVID-19 brought the recruitment to a complete halt in mid-March 2020 and also impacted the data analysis. Within the Diagnostic and Patient Management Study, the extension of twelve months will allow the team to achieve both data quality and full delivery of key objectives, such as health economic outcome analyses, crucial elements of the AMYPAD project. With recruitment starting to resume and additional Parent Cohorts being added to the AMYPAD Prognostic and Natural History Study, the extension of twelve months will allow the study to deliver on study objectives, and it will also facilitate the data integration across all cohorts to its further data analysis in the study.

We would like to thank all members and research participants for their enthusiasm and dedication to the AMYPAD project and look forward to the final months of what is a really exciting and ambitious project, aiming to improve the understanding, diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease through the utilisation of ß-amyloid PET imaging.


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The AMYPAD project has been extended for an additional year
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