The EMIF-AD 90+ cohort has joined the AMYPAD PNHS

The AMYPAD Prognostic and Natural History Study (PNHS) is an open-label, prospective and multi-centre cohort study aiming to understand the role of amyloid PET imaging in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease. At this moment, the PNHS has 17 actively recruiting sites across Europe and 8 cohorts have been actively enrolling into the study. These are: EPAD-LCS, EMIF-AD 60++, ALFA+, FACEHBI, FPACK, UCL, Microbiota and recently the 90+ cohort. We are pleased that the VUmc team in Amsterdam recruited the first participants of the 90+ cohort in the PNHS.

The EMIF-AD 90+ study aimed to identify factors associated with resilience to cognitive impairment in the oldest-old. At baseline, imaging, neuropsychological and clinical data (i.e. MRI, PET, vascular comorbidities, mood, sleep, physical performance, genetic factors) were collected from participants. For follow-up (FU), the PET scan will be performed within the AMYPAD PNHS study and additional data will again be collected within the EMIF-AD 90+ study. Only baseline and FU data of subjects with normal cognition from Amsterdam will be included in the AMYPAD PNHS study

The AMYPAD PNHS has currently consented 1,069 participants of which 988 have already undergone their amyloid PET scan. In addition, we now have more than 2,000 scans in AMYPAD PNHS. 1,022 scans have been done within the PNHS (456 baseline scans and 566 follow up scans), while 1,051 historical scans were available.

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The EMIF-AD 90+ cohort has joined the AMYPAD PNHS
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