The Euro-PAD initiative holds a neuroimaging symposium in London

On 24 and 25 May, the new Euro-PAD initiative held a neuroimaging symposium in London (UK). The Euro-PAD initiative is a continuation of the AMYPAD pan-European collaborative framework, including several cohorts such as EPAD, AMYPAD, ALFA+, Prevent-AD and Microbiota.

Frederik Barkhof, AMYPAD project coordinator, kicked off the meeting with a warm welcome to all delegates. The opening session was then followed by an overview presentation of the Euro-PAD initiative and its goals. The event brought together more than 60 on-site participants.

The meeting agenda included over 40 scientific talks by academic researchers including many early career researchers, who covered neuroimaging topics such as on fluid and imaging biomarkers, advanced magnetic resonance imaging, PET quantification and disease progression, imaging and genetic risk, Tau PET imaging and disease modelling, and centiloid quantification. Throughout the two days, all delegates were engaged in lively discussions and the symposium offered a place for presenting results and developing research questions aimed at cross-modality analyses to further our understanding of the natural history of Alzheimer’s disease.

The meeting demonstrated continuous academic collaborations as a key legacy of both EPAD and AMYPAD projects.

The Euro-PAD initiative holds a neuroimaging symposium in London
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