Welcome to the 20th issue of the AMYPAD Newsletter

Welcome to our winter newsletter from the AMYPAD team. As I write we are having a storm in the UK so it’s nice to be indoors for a change and looking back at what we’ve achieved since Frederik’s last newsletter in November last year.

We were active at the recent CTAD conference in Boston with both Juan Domingo Gispert and Lyduine Collij travelling to the US to present AMYPAD data. Juan Domingo presented some preliminary analysis of our Prognostic and Natural History Study (PNHS) and Lyduine had a poster on the value of regional amyloid in predicting future cognitive decline in initially normal individuals. Additionally, we presented at the Mapping Neuroreceptors at Work (NRM) meeting too.

As our studies draw to a close, we’ve put together a program of work which we aim to present as a ‘Featured Research Session’ at the summer AAIC meeting, this year to be held in San Diego in California. The goal would be to share both clinical and technical data on AMYPAD with the wider Alzheimer’s disease community so we hope this will be successfully chosen.

Work is now ongoing to write up and consolidate the data from our Diagnostic and Patient Management Study (DPMS) study. Well done to Daniele Altomare and his team in Geneva for being ready to submit one of the seminal papers on the primary end point of DPMS to a high-quality neurology journal. The PNHS Study is still recruiting and has currently collected over 1,250 prospective scans (with our collaborative framework this is nearly 2,500 scans); imaging will continue up till the end of April this year.

As mentioned by Frederik in the last newsletter, curated data sets from AMYPAD have been available for analysis within the consortium and work is now focused upon teasing out specific components of the data such as harmonization of the cognition scales, demographics, CSF and blood tests etc. Please let David Vállez García know if you have some specific topics to investigate.

In summary, we are looking forward to an exciting year as our AMYPAD consortium sadly draws to a close. One key element that we have to work on is how to keep our rich assets alive and available for future scientists to work on. To this end we will work closely with ADDI and hope to share our governance mechanisms for external investigators to get access to AMYPAD data towards the end of the year.

You can download the newsletter here.

Gill Farrar

AMYPAD Project co-lead

Welcome to the 20th issue of the AMYPAD Newsletter
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