Welcome to the 18th issue of the AMYPAD newsletter

We are writing to you with the latest news from the AMYPAD project.

September brings everyone back from their holidays so hope you are all suitably rested and ready to go again.

With our project’s extension to September 2022 fully established, we continue to work on curating the data and diaries (over 2,500 collected) from our Diagnostic study as well as over 1,000 prospective scans collected in our Prognostic Study.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate Lyduine Collij and Gemma Salvadó on successfully defending their PhD thesis as a large component of their work is related to AMYPAD activities. Well done to both of you. Other good news was that Arianna Sala was awarded the de Leon Trainee Prize in Neuroimaging at AAIC this year in July for her AMYPAD WP5 paper on longitudinal pathways of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and positron emission tomography (PET) biomarkers of amyloid-β positivity. We also had a range of poster and oral presentations at AAIC; the conference had a huge biomarker component, and it was interesting to see the many varied PET amyloid presentations.

Now that aducanumab has been approved in the US by the FDA, the possible use of amyloid PET, not only to initiate treatment, but also as means of monitoring target engagement in the form of amyloid removal was a hot topic of discussion.

September brings a whole raft of deliverables to IMI so the AMYPAD team is working hard to produce these for our funding body and lastly, we will have our Annual General Assembly in October, so we look forward to inviting all our close colleagues and collaborators to hear about our progress in the last year as well as our plans for the coming final year of our program.

Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or our co-lead Frederik Barkhof if you want any further details on AMYPAD. We also have a nice website which contains all our latest study updates and publications too.

You can download the newsletter here.

Gill Farrar
AMYPAD Project Co-Lead

Welcome to the 18th issue of the AMYPAD newsletter
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