Welcome to the 23rd issue of the AMYPAD Newsletter

Dear friends and colleagues,

Do you miss AMYPAD already?  The good news is – we never left.

After 6 years of hard work of collecting data, the rewarding task to analyse and explore the wealth of ~3500 amyloid PET scans lies largely ahead of use. We built a tightly knit network, gathering so much experience, knowledge, and friendship, that we will naturally keep collaborating regardless of the end of the IMI funding! To enhance our communication, regular AMYPAD scientific virtual meetings have been initiated. This is the place to meet and discuss progress on outstanding work from the AMYPAD Prognostic and Natural History Study (PNHS) (formerly known as WP4) and related technical and disease modelling efforts (from WP2/5). Let us know if you missed the invitation and feel free to invite others!

The X-PAD family at large is also very much alive, with considerable scientific output from EPAD and the intersection with the PNHS data set. Plans for a larger Euro-PAD consortium are being developed in collaboration with the Prevent study and other cohorts to collate >3500 preclinical patients. We are planning a joint scientific meeting in the spring of 2023 to discuss progress across the cohorts. And of course, we will be broadcasting results with many abstracts at AD/PD in Gothenburg (March 2023) and AAIC in Amsterdam (July 2023).
Some major achievements of the last year to be proud of as a consortium are the finalisation of the primary endpoint analyses of the AMYPAD Diagnostic and Patient Management Study (DPMS) and submission of the manuscript; the finalisation of recruitment in the PNHS, building the PNHS data-set, and strengthening collaborations with Aridhia and ADDI; extensive analyses by the Centiloid working group, resulting in the submission of a Biomarker Qualification Opinion document to the EMA; and last, but not least, our final and successful in-person General Assembly!

Hope the upcoming festive period will evoke positive reflections on the AMYPAD experience and give you energy end inspiration for continued collaborative work in 2023. And of course, all the best for you personally and your families in 2023!

You can download the newsletter here.

Frederik Barkhof & Gill Farrar
AMYPAD Coordinator & Project co-lead

Welcome to the 23rd issue of the AMYPAD Newsletter
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