About the AMYPAD study

Originally scheduled to be a 60-month project in total, beginning 1 October 2016 and ending September 2021, the Amyloid imaging to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AMYPAD) project has been extended by 12 months to come to an end in September 2022. The project involves 15 academic and private research partners.

Led by VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, the AMYPAD consortium brings together a word-class team of highly synergistic partners from across Europe to form a pan- European network including the most active PET sites. This ensures effective access to patients and also maximise exposure to technical knowledge and disease modelling.

To keep the project aligned with the current state-of-the-art of the field, regular interactions with external experts and complementary initiatives are taking place, allowing maximal leverage of novel knowledge into the AMYPAD project. The AMYPAD team has formed very fruitful international collaborations with Dr San Won Seo (Seoul, Korea) and Dr Gil Rabinovici (US). In addition, AMYPAD in its partnership with Aridhia is working hard to facilitate the data accessibility of the project. Also, the interaction of AMYPAD with regulatory agencies including EMA is crucial.