About the AMYPAD study

AMYPAD officially started on 1 October 2016 and has a duration of five years. The project involves 15 academic and private research partners.

Led by VU University Medical Center Amsterdam , the AMYPAD consortium brings together a word-class team of highly synergistic partners from across Europe to form a pan- European network including the most active PET sites. This will ensure effective access to patients and also maximise exposure to technical knowledge and disease modelling.

In addition, AMYPAD will address the above goals in close collaboration with IMI project EPAD (the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease project) in a public-private initiative. Together with IMI’s EMIF-AD, AETIONOMY and EPAD projects, AMYPAD forms the IMI Alzheimer’s disease platform.

To keep the project aligned with the current state-of-the-art of the field, regular interactions with external experts and complementary initiatives are envisioned, allowing maximal leverage of novel knowledge into the AMYPAD project. In this context, a scientific advisory board was set up to provide additional independent expertise and knowledge on scientific, technical, communications, ethical and political matters.