Overall project governance and management

The purpose was to provide scientific oversight and management support to the project, ensuring adequate dovetailing with EPAD.


  • To establish governance and management structure to both steer the efforts optimally towards the desired results and to provide a structure for decision making.
  • To ensure full alignment with EPAD, to maximally exploit synergy, achieve efficiency and optimise/harmonise performance.
  • To guarantee that the project is appropriately implemented according to the work plans and scientific activities are managed efficiently, with special attention to cross activities and dependencies.
  • To manage resources, procedures and tools for ensuring that all expected results are delivered on time, with an adequate quality level and within cost, including risk management and quality control procedures on deliverables.
  • To promote synergies with other EU/international project and initiatives, including the IMI Alzheimer‘s Disease Platform.
  • To develop a long-term sustainability plan for AMYPAD and its components.