Risk stratification: natural history and enrichment strategies

This work stream in AMYPAD was ultimately tasked with ensuring efficiencies in delivering the interaction with the EPAD Programme and other deep phenotyped European cohorts of cognitively unimpaired participants, now including EMIF-AD, ALFA+, FACEHBI, Microbiota, FPACK, and UCL-cohort. Amyloid PET imaging wascollected and prospectively performed in up to 2000 subjects enrolled in one of the parent cohorts. A sub-population of these subjects had a repeat amyloid PET scan conducted at least 1 year after the previous scan. The amyloid PET scan represented an additional important biomarker amongst a multitude of cognitive, imaging and CSF biomarkers already performed in the parent cohorts.

Further unravel the natural history of AD, defining the window for intervention and trial-readiness population in conjunction with a range of European Cohorts.